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References Reactions of Mberg Customers

Wolf Eliminator:

"Yes, they are excellent, both visually and tonally, although I think they do dampen the sound around the Wolf area a bit. Not as much as the traditional ones though."
René Zaal, maker and restorer of double basses, Netherlands

"We just tried this on an unbearably wolfy cello and it works great!  Easy to use, attractive and mostimportantly doesn't muffle the sound.
Thank you!"

Carol Johnson, Johnson String Instrument, Newton Massachusetts USA

"Dear Michael!
It is my duty to inform you that a wolf has moved to the better hunting places. It was hiding on d-string rather close to the bridge. Rest in peace!"

Tuomo Haapala, bass player, Sweden

MPM Bridge Adjuster:

„I noticed sound improvements immediately after fitting the MPM bridge mechanism. So, for example, the flageolets even sound better now, which is especially fantastic when playing
solos. Moreover, the height adjustment stood the test in an excellent manner during my recent Japan tour. I was able to adapt precisely and effortlessly to the changes of string height that the different climate brought about!“

Michael Bladerer,
solo contrabassist of the Vienna State Opera and the Vienna Philharmonic

"On the whole, when using a flexible bridge level improvements across the entire sound spectrum without any changes to the typical resonance character of the contrabass can be observed. Thus the sound of the instrument achieves a higher overall volume and, first and foremost, more significant contours or brilliance."
From the test report of Dr. Klaus Wogram,
PTB (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt), Braunschweig (Germany)